The digital is fundamentally transforming many business landscapes and providing opportunities in others. The digital becomes a norm and the future will not be grasped if the abundant data is left unutilized. The full customer experience is a combination of the physical and the digital touchpoints, well delivered. Our progressive consulting combines business, service design and tech understanding to guide you to find the essential and to transform your organization.

Consulting with concrete action plan

  • Digital strategy

    It is often beneficial to view the existing strategy from a digital viewpoint. Are you looking for a better understanding what digital could provide and what it can mean to your business? Lift your customer experience, creating new business or increase the productivity or your operations.

  • Customership strategy

    What’s your customer lifecycle and what role are digital services playing in it? How do you optimize Smart digital services can be used to support customerships – sometimes they’re the core service your customer is after.

  • Development of new service concepts

    Lay the plans for beautiful and functional services. We can help you create a fantastic concept that will delight your service users.

  • Business intelligence

    What information would change the way you run your business and your organisation? We believe the future is in utilising predictive analytics to create realtime solutions both for the end-user and for internal use.

  • Web analytics consulting

    A good online service never stops evolving. We’ll help you to select the meters that aid you in keeping up with what’s important.

  • Usability auditing

    Get valuable information on usability by asking us to conduct an expert usability audit. See your service or product the way your users see it.

  • Agile coaching

    The value of agility in operations shouldn’t be underestimated. We can help you understand your unique organizational requirements and we work with you to drive changes forward.

  • System introduction support

    Bringing a new system into operation can be challenging. We’ll get to know your company and give you the support you need to smoothly introduce new systems and practices.

  • Technology consulting

    Make sure you’re using the right tools for the right solutions. We’re experienced in an especially wide array of technologies and can help you use the right tech for your task.

Consulting cases