Training and events

Strengthening creative competence in the mobile world. Develop your team’s potential to be pioneers in the mobile world. Stay up-to-date with the latest tech with our ready-made training packages. Bring your skills to the cutting-edge with a tailored-made training packages.

Software development is continuous learning

  • Mobile Platforms

    Our developer training packages targeting latest releases of all major mobile platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Qt/QML, Mobile Java. We are part of Nokia Consultancy and Training Network.

  • Business Seminars

    Business seminars are targeted at managers, development team leaders, project owners and ultimately those, who make decisions about mobile projects. Understand all latest platform features and how to correctly resource development projects.

  • Hands-on and Experience

    Our development teams delivered literally hundreds of mobile projects. All our training materials are based on first-hand experience in making mobile applications. We prefer hands-on sessions instead of infinite stream of static PowerPoint slides.

  • Flexibility

    Depending on customer needs, we have possibility to arrange training sessions in our Helsinki office or at customer premises across the world. Contact us to know more.

Past events and training cases