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31.1.2017 Futurice and Tekes put on the biggest Lean Service Creation workshop of all time. LSC is an open source product and service design methodology developed by Futurice. 

550 participants and 65 volunteer coaches from Wärtsilä, Posti, Sonera, Kesko, OP and Aalto University descended upon Finlandia Hall to learn about leaner and more agile service and product development. The coaches took time out of their work to devote a full day to helping people in organisations all around the country learn about LSC and build a better Finland for the next 100 years. Their employers - most of them our customers - made it possible for them to deepen their knowledge of LSC  by teaching it to others.

It was an epic day and we appreciate everyone's contributions to making it a total success. 

Let's look at the event in numbers. 

Invites sent: 819 Registered participants: 601. That's 73.38%, which is impressive 
Actually showed up: 550. That's a standard ca. 10% attrition rate. So it goes. 

The results we got from the feedback survey are heartwarming. 

For the whole event, we got a grade average of 4.49/5.00
Would you participate in a similar event in the future: 4.68/5.00
Would you recommend Ahto'18 (when it takes place) to a friend/colleague: 99% said yes. 

A few selected comments:

"A really good event! I learned some very concrete things and met a lot of new people - could use a bit more of a systematic approach to networking, even though I got to know the people at my table really well."

"A great event, thanks!"

"The dream of a better Finland ;) - I was a coach ;)"

"Lean and agile are often used very carelessly. This day provided a nice, succinct look at one concrete manifestation."

"Learning through doing really works. Working as part of a group gave me a lot of good ideas for how to use the method in my own organisation."

"Futurice's facilitation was world-class. Wow!"

"The idea worked incredibly well even for a group as large as 500 people. The exercises were interesting and the whole day was great fun."

So it was.

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Ahto'17 - Lean Service Creation Workshop at Finland Hall from Futurice on Vimeo.

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