Breaking news: WWWeeklies is now a public event

Ossi Hanhinen • Hypertext Elementalist

The web frontend competence at Futurice has a long-standing history of organizing weekly internal meetups. We are now upping the ante and making these meetups open for all!

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What's it about

The WWWeeklies is an informal weekly event happening through video conference across all Futurice sites: Helsinki, Tampere, Berlin, and London. The Helsinki site usually coordinates the event, and hosts it at the FutuCafé (Annankatu 34B, 8th floor) each Friday at 15:00 EET. The event is about sharing knowledge on anything related to web development, especially upcoming technologies that not many people have had the pleasure of assessing yet. To get an idea of the topics, here are some from the past 14 months:

2014-09-05 SUPER transparency with Polymer! - Ossi Hanhinen & Oskar Ehnström
2014-09-19 Server Sent Events - Jarno Rantanen
2014-10-17 Quick'n'dirty intro to Fetch, the upcoming XHR replacement - Ossi Hanhinen
2014-10-24 Model-View-Intent and the Virtual DOM - André Medeiros
2014-11-07 Getting traction to your Open Source library - Kimmo Brunfeldt
2014-11-14 Future of Internet Explorer - Harri Hälikkä
2014-12-05 Flow and static types for JS - Kimmo Puputti
2014-12-19 Dependent types introduction - Oleg Grenrus
2015-01-09 Polymer testing - Jarno Rantanen
2015-01-16 Service Workers: The Future of Offline - Kimmo Brunfeldt
2015-01-16 Visual testing with Wraith: responsive screenshot comparison tool - Jani Eväkallio
2015-01-23 Polymer is not an experiment anymore - Ossi Hanhinen
2015-01-23 About Mercury - André Medeiros
2015-01-30 The collective summary of ES6 - Many
2015-02-13 Typography and grids for responsive web - Tuukka Kantola
2015-03-06 How we used Play to compile JavaScript - Oskar Ehnström
2015-03-13 Dockerizing a web (frontend) workflow - Jarno Rantanen
2015-03-20 Server-side rendering with React - Kimmo Brunfeldt
2015-03-27 JSVerify - Write powerful and concise tests - Oleg Grenrus
2015-04-10 Managing the pace of change in the Front End space - Jani Eväkallio
2015-04-17 Some remarks on ES6 Generators - Olli Ahonen
2015-04-17 Git integration for ST3 - Ilkka Laukkanen
2015-04-24 PostCSS - Jarno Rantanen
2015-04-24 Brunch - Ossi Hanhinen
2015-05-08 What if the user was a function? - André Medeiros
2015-05-08 Does this function return "Hello world"? - Analyzing source code algorithmically - Antti Ajanki
2015-05-29 How cycling (Cycle.js) helped me? - Tarmo Aidantausta
2015-06-05 Storing all state on the server side - Jouni Kaplas
2015-06-05 HackSession: Elm - Ossi Hanhinen
2015-06-26 Good architecture in Node Express API + other protips - Kimmo Brunfeldt
2015-06-26 AltJS (Flux implementation) - Jarno Rantanen
2015-07-03 Meteor - Max Mikkola
2015-07-03 On Simplicity - Ossi Hanhinen
2015-07-17 Super brief introduction to Telegram Messenger Bot Platform - Miro Nieminen
2015-07-24 Web Components Basics - Jarno Rantanen
2015-08-07 Interview on ESLint - Kimmo Puputti
2015-08-07 Reactive Programming workshop - André Medeiros
2015-08-14 Web Assembly - Ville Sinisalo
2015-08-21 React Native - Jani Eväkallio
2015-08-28 EC2 container service (ECS) on AWS (20min) - Boyan
2015-08-28 Apache Spark (20 min) - Antti Ajanki
2015-09-04 Java 8 FP support 101 (20-25min) - Touko Vainio-Kaila
2015-09-11 SASS/CSS Modules in Webpack - André Medeiros
2015-10-02 Recap of Polymer Summit - Ossi Hanhinen
2015-10-02 Divshot - Axel Eirola
2015-10-09 Redux interview - Kimmo Brundfeldt
2015-10-09 Live-coding with Three.js - Jaakko Tepponen
2015-10-16 npm as a build toold - Jarno Rantanen
2015-10-16 Flux Challenge - André Medeiros
2015-10-23 CSS styles in JavaScript with free-style - André Medeiros
2015-10-23 Charting a map with D3 and Cycle.js - Justin Woo (guest)
2015-10-30 Amazon re:Invent - Boyan Tabakov
2015-10-30 The dark side of Akka and the remedy - Akos Krivachy
2015-11-06 The joy of composition - Ossi Hanhinen
2015-11-06 Cycle.js and functional reactive user interfaces - André Medeiros

Thank you everyone who has presented in the past, let's make the future events just as awesome!

So please, come on over and join us for coffee or beer and interesting talks! Sign up on Meetup!

History for the so inclined

In April 2012, Jarno Rantanen had an idea:

I propose "Frontend Futurice Weeklies", each Friday, around 15:00 or so. Agenda would be fixed to 3 mini-talks (5 min apiece) and relevant discussions (5 min apiece). [...] Because we won't expect the presenter to be an expert on the subject. We're talking about recent events, so he/she probably has zero experience on it.

A legend was born.

Since then, the Frontend Weeklies were running non-stop, slowly evolving into also having longer talks. The abundant success of this format for knowledge sharing also lead to many other competence meetups being born, such as the Backend Fortnightlies (web backend) and the DC Meet (design).

The Big Helsinki Office Move in early 2015 forced us out of our habits, though. I was organizing the Weeklies at the time and after a quick talk with some interested parties, I decided we could try out a semi-public event. As you might know, the Futurice Helsinki office has a café area that's open for all. That is where the weeklies have been held every single time since the move, except for just one special case with strict NDA content.

A bit after the Helsinki office move we realized there was no real reason for the Backend Fortnightlies to be a separate event. We decided to try out something again. With our frontend+backend powers combined, the weekly event reincarnated as WWWeeklies. Here are some of the creative announcements we have made for our WWWeeklies:

The Frontend Weeklies / WWWeeklies events over the years have been organized by Jarno himself, then by Kimmo Puputti, myself and lately by André "Staltz" Medeiros.

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