Cannes Lions roundup

Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group

This year, too, we went to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to see where marketing is headed and how the convergence of tech and creativity is progressing all around the world. Here's a what we came away with:

Creative Director Kalle Tuomi talked to Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti about how he saw the future of marketing and the opportunities it presents for Finnish companies. Here's a summary:

The things we believe and the way we see the marketing developing into the near future was validated at Cannes. With technology playing a growing role in marketing and advertising, the industry will move towards a more holistic and experiential approach. Technology makes this possible. Technology companies like us, Reaktor, Vincit and others can be a part of bringing forth a new creativity that’ll let us build better customer experiences and create something more meaningful. An important lesson that Cannes offers is that technology in and of itself solves nothing and people don’t care about it, but when you combine it with creative thinking and effective storytelling, magic happens.

This trend is one of a number that will propel more Finnish companies to success at Cannes in the future.

Another is the fact that more and more companies are going for a positive social impact. This trend is visible at Cannes Lions, too. Trust in traditional authority is eroding and they are, in some cases, being replaced by brands. Finnish companies have an edge here. Trustworthiness and fairness are important cultural values to us.

It’s a story waiting to be told. We need the courage to tell others about our strengths. That’s how we win people over.

The original article and video in Finnish.

Business Director Jussi Hacklin went to Cannes and all we got were these videos. In them he talks about why a company like ours would attend an advertising and marketing event, the importance of cross-competence teams, the impact data is making this year and the lo-tech phenomenon or creative uses for established technology. As well as AI + cucumbers, a Finnish tailor, Snapchat's ferris wheel and our shining Star Trek future. You can find a playlist on our Facebook video page.

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