Code Camp '16 - Space Art

Olli Rissanen • Business Strategist

The topic of our Code Camp last May was artificial intelligence. After a galactic battle within our internally developed game, Space Tyckiting, this year was the time for a more peaceful resolution.

We wanted to try something entirely new and exciting, without too many restrictions to leave room for creativity. After a short discussion (should we do computer art? yeah!!!), our topic was chosen. Computer art is essentially any art where computers play a role in the production or display - in our case, this turned out to be computer-generated art in all of the final entries. Computer-generated art includes digital poetry, demoscene, paintings with algorithms and a bazillion other things.

Code Camp is an event where like-minded people from Futurice get together for a certain period of time to learn from others and enjoy the craft. We got into teams of three people figured out a broad topic for what to achieve during the camp, and headed out to the idyllic Villa Hummerheim in the woods, also known as Kirkkonummi. 

The woods.

Inside Villa Hummerheim.

We arrived in the woods on Thursday afternoon, only to find out that the woods was actually a grand villa, with three saunas, friendly staff and pristine nature. The teams each took their favourite spot in the villa or the nearby environment, and got crazy with brainstorming creative ideas. The goal for each team was to come up with a five minute demo of computer art - the sky was the limit.

A traditional Finnish smoke sauna.

In the evening, it was time to enjoy the great atmosphere the venue had to offer. This included a traditional smoke sauna, a (literally) ice-cold sea and various healthy and semi-healthy refreshments.

On the second day the teams already had an idea of what they wanted to achieve. Going to the sauna and having a few beers definitely helped to bring out our creative side. Most of the second day was spent supersetting between coding and eating, briefly interrupted by hikes.

A proper FutuHike.

Finally, after the second dawn on the third day it was time for presentations. This time, the presentations were extremely exciting, since all of the teams had taken very different approaches - from demos and narrated gif discos to poet bots. Here's a sneak peek of the winner which generates rhyming poets out of input sentences.

The Camp yet again provided a great possibility for Futurice developers to try new technologies and solve creative problems outside of their daily work. It's exactly these kind of moments that deepens your appreciation towards your craft and colleagues. If you would like to organise a code camp for your friends or colleagues, don't hesitate to ask us for any information, we'll be happy to share it!

That's all folks. To be continued next year!

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