Communicating Comptel's new game-changing concept

Paavo Punkari • Vice President, Helsinki

The table wheel

Comptel is bringing to market a brilliant and game changing, but fairly complex concept: "Our challenge was communicating the idea as well as its concrete value. The benefits to our audience must be presented in a manner that is quick and easy to grasp," says Simo Karkkulainen from Comptel.

"We want to show what Comptel can deliver today"
- Jukka Jänönen, Comptel

Comptel and Futurice teamed up to create an engaging experience based on smooth touch based interaction, clear visualisation and engaging gamification that communicates the concept's practical value in daily life.

Paper prototype

Futurice and Comptel put together a compact team of domain, marketing, design and tech makers. The dominant working mode was "pragmatic lean with daily iterations". The team started with a one sheet sketch on paper. After few weeks and several rounds of paper prototyping, some serious Unity hacking and constant user testing, the digital experience is ready to create a buzz at MWC 2016.

Simo pointing at things

"Futuriceans were a part of the team from day one. Direct communication and working together on the same premises made short iteration cycles and fast progress possible," says Simo Karkkulainen.

While testing the solution, the team noticed that the solution was a also great tool for internal communication. "Our common understanding has increased and our own organization now has a better understanding of this new business area," says Jukka Jänönen from Comptel.

Check out  the video and visit Comptel at MWC 2016 to check what the **** we are boasting about.

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