Do you trust your car mechanic?

Yrjö Kari-Koskinen • Principal Consultant

Recently, I had regular maintenance done for my car in a small car repair shop. During the maintenance, they had to replace a part, namely a wheel cylinder, which was not originally planned. I bet this has never happened to you with your car repair, right? You know when they call you and say that you need to pay a little extra?

When I returned to the repair shop to get the car and pay for the work, the guy running the shop asked me whether I know what a wheel cylinder is. I replied "no", thinking that I don't even care because I trust him. Without asking further the guy googled me an image of the part using his oil-stained fingers. He explained to me what that part does in the brakes and why it needed replacing in this particular service.

A few days later at work I suddenly realised what the car repair guy had done. He showed very concretely that he cares about the same kind of transparency as our company does. By making sure I understand what I'm paying for, he builds the trust between us and makes sure that I'm going to use his service another time without a second thought.

Furthermore, I also realised that I was probably in a similar situation as our customers when they are talking with our engineers, designers or consultants. When we are building digital services, we have to make decisions every other minute on how to build them. Sometimes the decisions lead to extra costs when we want to make sure e.g. that the code quality is good enough and the end result maintainable.

We strive to make our work transparent, too, to make sure we are making the right things and our customers get the highest value from our work.

(Cover image from Wikipedia, License: CC-BY-SA-3.0)

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