Elenia wins CHARGE Award for best energy distribution brand

Lauri Anttila • Business Development Manager, Consultant

Elenia won the CHARGE Award for best energy distribution brand at the CHARGE Energy Branding Conference in Reykjavik. From what we hear, the competition was close in all categories and the company took a real photo finish to secure the prize. Our heartfelt congratulations. It was richly deserved!

CHARGE as an event reflects the new reality of an energy market that has gone from regulation to competition, thus giving the consumer more power. Suddenly, the brand as an important touchpoint in customer engagement becomes a vital business tool in an industry that doesn’t have much history in the area of brand building. Some companies take to it better than others.

Like Elenia.

Futurice has the pleasure of working with Elenia in developing and maintaining their digital service channels and a variety of internal tools, as well as generally helping them in their continuous and ambitious journey towards better customer experiences.

”Futurice is constantly providing us with new ideas and delivers not only the vision that we have in our minds but solutions that fulfill our customers’ needs. Our workshops with Futurice are always filled with enthusiasm and passion to create something unique. This is what makes a true partnership.” - Jukka Grönroos, IT Development Manager at Elenia Oy

In speaking about winning the award, Elenia CEO Tapani Liuhala emphasises the importance of the customer: “We listen to our customer very carefully and with great respect. They played an important role in the development of our digital services.”

As Elenia’s partner in developing these services, we applaud this approach and attitude. Customer-centric service design is the very core of our way of working. We see digital services as one of the most important aspects of any brand. It's where the rubber hits the road and the company brand meets the customer’s life, so Elenia, a company that truly cares about their customers’ user experience, being recognised in a branding context is especially amazing.

Once again, congratulations!

Well thank you guys!! You have also played a big part in this as our trusted partner @futurice Let's continue the awesome work together!

— Elenia (@Eleniafi) [October 11, 2017](

LInk to Elenia's press release in Finnish.

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