Ville Tainio • Software Developer

Facegame is the first contribution to our open source program, Summer of Love. Facegame is a simple game made for learning the faces and names of fellow employees. The game will give you a picture of an employee and you have to select the corresponding name from a few choices. Essentially Facegame is a great game for all kinds of organizations where it's becoming increasingly harder to get to know your colleagues.

"Three years ago we were growing fast and established new offices abroad. We realised we were reaching the point that not everyone could meet new Futurice people personally during the on-boarding period. It’s known, that when we walk to a room full of people, we automatically look for familiar faces and seek interaction with them. Although face-to-face meetings are still the number one way for us to get to know each other, Facegame supports networking within the company." – Anni Kervinen HR & Communication Specialist

This is the game view for a company with three employees: Ville Tainio, Teemu Turunen and Matias Kirvelä. The rest of the names are randomly generated Finnish names to make guessing harder.

Random statistics:

  • Over 50000 clicks at Futurice
  • Around 90% of these guesses were correct
  • Over 400 consecutive correct guesses is the longest streak so far

You can find Facegame at GitHub. Feel free to use it or make it better. The software is licensed under the MIT license. If you’re interested in this game, show it to your company’s HR department or friends and get involved. We’ve certainly had some good experiences with Facegame, hopefully you will too.

Our next project will be a meeting room reservation system for Android tablets. Remember to follow our progress during the summer on this blog and also at GitHub. If you have any questions, comments or feedback you can contact us by email at


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