FOSDEM haikus

Teemu Turunen • Corporate Hippie

I attended FOSDEM in Brussels again this year. Some of the talks I managed to catch there are well worth watching (or reading, if there’s no video available).

Below I summarise my impression of each into a single haiku. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s likely to be how I perceive things that is at fault - not the talk.

Legal and Policy Issues

patent trolls concerned 
courts are slowly catching up  
still ridiculous

Deb Nicholson: Software Patents After Alice: A Long and Sad Tail

did you distribute?
why so much unclarity
I can taste my tears

Andrew Katz & Björn Lundell: When is Distribution not Distribution?

open core promise
ethical antipattern
find addicts, get paid

Anand Babu Periasamy: Why Open Core Licensing Sucks!!

foundations infect
project tech management with
business directors

Richard Fontana: Open source foundations: threat or menace?

GPL requires
share more than just the source code
do not be a dick!

Bradley M. Kuhn: A Beautiful Build: Releasing Linux Source Correctly

Open Source Design

you need the domain knowledge
else the world will burn

Belen Barros Pena: Designing with and for developers

dev and designer
like Gimli and Legolas
all we need is love

Hollie Lubbock: Designers Vs developers

design purity
compromises are painful
still worth the effort

Ecaterina Moraru: Designer’s compromises in Open Source

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