What the FTRC?

Miro Nieminen • Project Lead & Account Builder

The crazy days of the dot-com bubble have been a thing of the past for a while now. By some eyewitness accounts it seems to be a good thing. But that doesn’t mean that this industry has got completely dull. Nor does it mean that everything happening today inside Futurice offices could be described as “ordinary”.

We do recruitment very profoundly. It’s not only about the matching of the candidate’s skill set, it is also about ensuring that the person is a good cultural fit for the Futurice family. When you combine this with our 3x2-model (framework for checking does-this-make-sense when making decisions), the results can be… quite interesting.

When our CEO Tuomas - or any other Futuricean spreading the word of our award-winning culture - talks about our daily life and our way of doing things it is surprisingly often met with skepticism about the message being non-attached to realism or it being just fabricated PR talk. But that is not the case, and to prove that, we’ve created an content feed called FTRC to give you an unfiltered peek at the daily life of our 300+ developers, designers and consultants across Europe.

My personal opinion is that Futurice is an awesome mix of top-notch professionality and the casualness of student or university communities. As we grow in both numbers and in locations, there are too many shenanigans going on around the offices that you just don’t hear about. FTRC is about us communicating these things to each other. It’s about cherishing our culture and updating our sites around Europe about what’s the current mood, for example what’s going on in our Munich office.

The idea for this kind of more non-official channel has been cooking up for a while. After months of toing and froing the concept was reborn as a couple of keen Futuriceans got their hands on it and realised it’s potential. After an internal launch during our FutuCamp in Tallinn in June, the site has been populated with posts from all over the world during the summer.

Fast forward 12 weeks and here we are, we like the site so much we decided we shouldn’t keep this to ourselves, so we’re offering you the chance to see inside Futurice. Making this also available for the public means that you can audit our office culture yourselves and see if are we are actually walking the walk.

We promise we’ll keep the content light-hearted, we can’t promise it will be funny and we apologise for any ‘in jokes’ that make their way in – the site is uncensored. We truly believe this is worth sharing especially if you’re thinking about joining us (or know people who work here), as it gives you a true sense of the people that make Futurice what it is.

FTRC will cover everything that is somehow-related-to-Futurice and what anyone wants to publish. Our guidelines for content are simple:

You can check out at any time (or search #realFTRC on Instagram or Twitter) to see the people who make up our Futurice family. And if you see something that you’d like to be a part of, you can check out our current vacancies here.

P.S Shoutouts to Futurice alumni Laura Snellman-Junna & Timo Sulanne for helping to create this initiative. Your legacy lives on!

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