FutuLabs at Slush 2014

Kirsi Louhelainen • Senior Consultant, FutuLabs Lead

Here at Futurice we love to tinker and improve things. Over time, we’ve been playing around a lot with the latest gadgets and toys, and wanted to make this effort more visible and accessible to everyone.

Let us introduce you to FutuLabs!


The first physical manifestation of FutuLabs will be out at Slush on November 18-19th! We welcome you to join us at FutuCafé, grab a coffee hand-brewn by our friends at Freese Coffee Co., and check some samples of what we’ve been working on lately. Themes like wearable computing, 3D printing, Internet of Things, and virtual reality have been integrated in the demos for all to check out. We also hope you will come to discuss your views of the future with us, since most of the things we see are still only a glimpse of what is to come.

FutuLabs is Futurice’s initiative to research, investigate and play with the most recent advances in technology, its effects on business and society, and the best applications of the technology. With FutuLabs, our bright minds get to have some fun while figuring out what will be the best direction for our clients.

We have the best people and want to keep Futurice the best place to work in the world. Giving our people the freedom to investigate exciting new technology will benefit everyone in the company and bring great value to our clients. The initiative supports our goal to help our clients in creating the best digital services.

What can you expect at Slush?

Through the Looking Glass

Google Glass sparked controversy with privacy issues when it was launched. Having a device on you at all times is not a big step from carrying a cell phone, yet it's not quite the norm yet. Wearables such as watches are probably here to stay, until they completely blend into everyday objects. Being connected all the time is both intriguing and strange.

Some of us have lived with Glass, watches and other gadgets for long periods of time: you're welcome to join us in the discussion about the implications and future ideas on wearables! At the booth, you may try living with Glass yourself or engage in gameplay with a friend on Glass & the latest Android console OUYA.

Alternate realities

In our Virtual Reality lab, we have created the new Futurice office for the VR headset Oculus Rift with Unity. Oculus has solved several puzzles that have kept VR unavailable to the masses and the technology is improving in giant leaps.

At the demo, you can browse through the new Futurice office to see what it will look like when we move in next year and try out worlds that do not exist yet.


Internet of 3D Things

FutuLabs Berlin has hacked together a smorgasbord of the latest tech! The demo combines race cars, 3D images, 3D printers and cool new IoT networking technology developed at Aalto University and Space Time Networks Oy. Servers are yesterday – think Firechat on steroids.

On site, we'll lend you a phone that uses Wi-Fi to speak to a local smart beacon. You get to browse the hyperlocal social network free from (or backed up by) the slow cloud, chat with and leave messages for people nearby, and produce race car video feeds to the 3D TV.

This demo explores the reliability and security of hyperlocal service architecture. The applications could be used to circumvent congested bandwidth, reduce connectivity costs in developing countries and add rich interactivity through local IoT hotspots as you walk through the city or shop of the future.


The FutuLabs will get a permanent presence in our new office, ready to move in on March 2015. Over the next year, we’ll keep you updated on what we are working on. Check out and #futulabs in Twitter for upcoming events and our latest news

Welcome to join the ride!

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