FutuLabs illuminated the path ahead at Slush

Kirsi Louhelainen • Senior Consultant, FutuLabs Lead

Wow, it has been a week. Literally, a week, if not months: it takes effort to pull an event like this together. My greetings for the great Slush team making a huge and a successful event.  

I remember the excitement on Monday as we set our Labs all ready for the morning and as we left around 6PM everything was still in progress. There was no sign of it on Tuesday morning, as everything rolled smoothly thanks to the well-oiled hype machine that Slush has evolved to.

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The path is in the Oculus?    

Encouraged by the good reception of FutuCafé last year, we wanted to show a bit more of ourselves for the event. The FutuLabs initiative was the perfect one to bring forth: it is something we are really proud of and something that not only enables our people to be happy but helps us to stay ahead to serve our customers better, to illuminate the path that lays ahead.

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It was great to see how the different demos worked. The Oculus Rift was something that most people already know and something that is super easy to understand: the only thing you need to do is to put it on your head and you understand the possibilities.

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In the wearables part, people tried out the Google Glass and our fun little toys, which you could bring to live on screen (where they would promptly try to kill you unless you shoot them first). The conversation revolved around wearables in general, and in our slides we could show apps we've done for e.g. Galaxy Gear watches (check out the Ilta-Sanomat watch app!).

We are doing something right!

What are the key-takes from Slush? I literally had no time to check out the presentations, save a talk from Hyppönen, but instead lost my voice already half way through the first day. We talked with loads of people, guided our clients through the demos, reconnected with a lot of old people and made plenty of new contacts. The biggest take home was the reinforcement that we are doing something right - a lot of things, in fact - and this was confirmed by awed visitors and happy Futuriceans alike.

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As the world continues to go forward, we need not only to keep up but to actively search the best route, have the vision of what we want the world to look like, and help our clients to get there. Seeing FutuLabs in action has been a treat, and this is only the part that is visible to the public eye.

Big thanks to all of the people who have been making this happen as well as to our clients and everyone visiting our fabulous FutuCafé. It was a lot of fun!

See you next year at Slush!

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