Futurice and ThingsCon

Paul Houghton • Director, Wizardry and DevelopmentRicardo Brito • Service Design Lead

The Internet of Things opens up new possibilities to shape the world and connect it like never before. Looking at the current IoT landscape, it’s easy to see that there are two very different universes pushing it forward.

On one hand we have the big industries - connected factories, intelligent farming and connected logistics that take IoT to a higher dimension. It’s driven by technology, focusing on reducing costs and turning business into more effective machines.

On the other side of the spectrum we have the makers and hobbyists - a vibrant community that encouraged brands like MakerBot to emerge and create a new commercial scene for the thinker community.

So… where do medium-sized agencies, start-ups and the entrepreneurs stand? They stand at ThingsCon, Berlin.

Peter Bihr and his crew organise an international IoT conference that bridges this gap, gives everyone an opportunity to explore the IoT Universe and encourages connections as well as collaborations between small and big players. We interviewed Peter and discussed, among other things, the future of IoT, the issues it raises and how ThingsCon was born.

Futurice will be at ThingsCon, podcasting The Thingcast and giving a very special workshop on service design IoT.

We’ve been working on a Service Kit that aims to bring designers and developers out of the digital box to play in the real world. Much as been said about the technical and design challenges of IoT. We present a board game that explores user-centric interactive scenarios. The goal is to let the user experience drive the process of merging the physical and digital worlds to create successful digital services.

If you needed an excuse to come to Europe’s sin city, there you go! Join us at our workshop and come show your support for this amazing event!

With <3 from Berlin!

Paul  Houghton (Engineer)& Ricardo Brito (Designer)

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