Futurice in Prague 2017 #FutuCamp

Alicia Gregorian • Marketing Intern

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What better way to kick off your summer than exploring a European city with your fellow Futuriceans. Over 340 people from our six offices joined the annual #Futucamp this year to explore the picturesque and cultural city of Prague.

We were all overjoyed when introduced to the #Futubohemia app, where we could share our exciting photos and updates amongst each other, this kept us well connected and we could see what everyone was up to, even if we were in different parts of the city. We indulged ourselves in the delicious food at our hotel, laughed and bonded with our roommates and created not only great work friends, but great friends for life too.

We explored the buzzing streets of Prague’s Old Town and found the most authentic Czech pubs to try local cuisine, of course you can’t make a trip to Prague without having some delicious Goulash! We climbed up steep hills, rode bikes around the winding streets and made unforgettable memories together. Futubohemia will never be forgotten.

The trip was rounded off with a wonderful Le Belle Epoque themed party. It was great seeing everyone grinning from ear to ear in their oversized lace dresses, floral crowns and DIY vintage costumes. We all bonded over singing Finnish songs (even though I have to admit, I did not know any of the words to). It was great to not only feel like a team, but part of a family.

You can even be part of FutuCamp 2018, head over to our careers page to find out about the latest positions.

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