Inspiration from Silicon Valley, part 1: Truths

Mathias Calonius • Site Head, Munich / Partner

About a month ago, a group of about 15 curious entrepreneurs and forward driven business people from different Finnish companies went over to Silicon Valley to understand what is all the fuzz about and to get inspired. And inspired we got! We had the chance to meet numerous extraordinary people and learn valuable lessons of creating appealing services and business.

This is the first article of the series covering what Silicon Valley is all about to celebrate Slush – the torch bearers of the innovative entrepreneurial spirit here in the Nordics. We would love to see the spirit to catch fire in a larger economic context.

Here are some gems from the amazing discussions we had at Silicon Valley.  

"If you release your product and are not embarrassed, you release too late”, Richard Titus ex-Razorfish founder and head of BBC digital, now doing Promptly start-up)

“Give dopamine every time they test/use the app”, Richard Titus

“Pitää olla rinta rottingilla selvinkin päin”, Ville Taajamaa, Stanford PhD student from Finland 

“Good generals create luck by changing the odds to their favor”, Steve Blank - you all know who he is

“Do not try to boil the ocean. Entrepreneurs focus solving a specific problem.” Steve Blank, Michel Wendell - Finnish consulate and Nexit Venture founder

“You should all understand what time and place you are at. Feel great about what you are doing.” (referring to Silicon Valley) Steve Blank

“Lean does not mean cheap”, Steve Blank

“The tests get smarter when you get smarter”, Steve Blank

“If you do not tell your idea, it will not get anywhere. By telling to everybody, the idea gets refined”, Jeff Burton, ex-Eletronics Arts founder, currently the head of accelerator hub at University of California, Berkeley.

“Most of the products have been about me. The new sell --> sell data to communities”,  Greg Niemeyer, Head of New Media Lab at University of California, Berkeley

“Innovation happens in both virtual and real world. It has to create culture as culture is the medium.” Greg Niemeyer

“Venture capitalists are not risk takes, but risk minimizers”, EY employees (former Ernst Young) 

Next week we will continue to get inspired in Slush.

At Slush you can join us at the first ever meet up of Finnish Silicon Viking starting at 5 pm on Tuesday November 18th. See you there!

The next article will cover the most important piece of Silicon Valley culture, on which everything else builds on: Forward Giving.

P.S. If you are forward thinking entrepreneur apply to us!

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