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Matthew Edwards • Head of Marketing, UK

Recently, our global head of advisory John Oswald and technology director Mikko Heikelä talked to Web Designer Magazine about Futurice’s Finnish origins and ethos, and the start-up story that began back with four students at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) and grew into a company of over 500 technologists, designers and advisors working for big name clients across Europe.

You can find the original article as a PDF here and get a taster of what they had to say below:

About emerging technologies:

We expect data-driven personalisation, recommendations, and other machine learning based features to become a big part of future web applications. These can in principle, be achieved with very different technical approaches, from relatively low level open source libraries to features in existing product platforms such as CMSs or ecommerce products, to cloud-based machine learning services.

On what makes us different:

We look for people who thrive on transparency, who are able to trust themselves, each other and our clients, people who want to collaborate and who aren’t afraid to share, iterate and improve what they do. And, almost above all, we look for people who are naturally curious, who care, who want to make the world a better place and who take the time to have hobbies they are passionate about.

About our freedom around technology choices:

When it comes to software choices, we want to empower teams and individuals. Every designer has the freedom to choose the tools they feel are the best choice for the project, as long as this doesn’t affect team collaboration in a negative way.

About our work:

We’re particularly proud of the work we did recently with Finavia, Helsinki Airport’s operating body and Finnair in designing a prototype for the world’s first face recognition check-in desk system. This project represents Futurice best because it was a combination of all three of our passions: finding the right solution that works for people in their various contexts (the best of design); exploring emerging applications of technology (the best of tech) and establishing a business model that works (the best of our advisory people).

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