Futurice's pledge for International Women's Day

Tuomas Paasonen • Work culture engineer / Social responsibility

Today is International Women’s Day, an annual celebration of women's social, economic, cultural and political achievements. This year the focus of IWD is on concrete and bold actions that make the working world better for everyone through increased gender parity in our everyday lives.

At Futurice we want to build a more equal and diverse working environment. For an industry where the vast majority of employees are men, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone has the same support and equal opportunities to advance in their careers.

As part of the IWD individuals and communities are making pledges for bold and concrete actions. Futurice is onboard with the campaign.

Our pledge for the #BeBoldForChange -campaign is to create and report a measurement for gender parity in career progress inside Futurice.

At Futurice, career progress is tied to our career path levels. We’ll define a measurement based on the progress people make on those levels. We’ll perform a study on any differences between the genders, and if so, what are the underlying reasons. The study will be conducted during the spring of 2017.

More info of the International Women’s Day can be found from:

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