Know your consumer footprint - why Futurice sponsors Helsinki Fashion Week

Annina Antinranta • Senior Designer

Helsinki Fashion Week starts on Saturday the 22nd of July and Futurice is proud to be one of its partners. This year we introduce a digital installation: Create The Formula. The installation opens up, in a playful manner, to Helsinki Fashion Week visitors some of the processes behind the materials the textile industry uses. And we wear. Fashion Week visitors can explore their consumer footprint at the top floor of Amos Anderson Art Museum.

When we perform customer research and interviews, popular themes people bring up include sustainable living and transparent processes in the production of goods and services, as well as in business operations. But the world we live in is complex, consisting of complicated dependencies between various parties and the production processes of consumer goods are usually hard to track down - or they are totally unknown to the random consumer.

If I think about an average day, for example, and during the first 15 minutes after I wake up I’ve already been in contact with various products that have been altered with chemicals I am not familiar with:

  • The bedlinen and towels are most likely been treated with biocides
  • The chemicals have been used to make my shower curtain nice and soft
  • My carpet is anti-bacterial
  • Chemicals have been used in the pre-treatment to make a fabric a certain kind
  • My clothes have been dyed
  • A finishing agents used for things like water proofing

I am one of the 7,5 billion people living on this planet. What can I do?

The world is a complex place, but we can do our part for making the complexity a little more transparent. By understanding our own impact on nature, as consumers. we can start making sustainable choices.

The fashion industry is going through a big change. Technology as a tool enables the creation of more accurate and tailored services for customers. Machine learning algorithms enable faster and more accurate product recommendations. Technology helps designers come up with new materials and design solutions.

There are many innovative experiments ongoing in the field of wearables and smart textiles, where the health technologies and fashion collide. Bio-plastics, such as plant-based fibres are being developed. 3D-printing has opened up a totally new field for experimental designs. The availability of affordable software and tools have already democratized entrepreneurship. And finally technology can be used to develop product processes into a more sustainable direction.

With the help of technology, we can also make information visible. In our installation, visitors to Helsinki Fashion Week explore materials such as cotton, fur, spidersilk, acryl and bio-plastics. Sensors in the exhibition space record visitors’ movements, which are turned, in real-time, into an artistic interactive piece. The audience can in a playful way explore how to create their own fashion formulas and learn at the same time. The installation provides info, but does not judge. You decide what you do next.

As designers, we need to better understand the world we live in and the complexity of the choices we as consumers and individuals face. As a company we need to design services that are sustainable. The future does not happen - it’s built, action by action, by all of us. The future is a result of the decisions you and I are making today.

Between the utopia and dystopia, which are always subjective point of view, there lies a ground where we can look at the different facts and statistics. The least we can do is to try understand the footprint we create with our choices.

Create The Formula

Helsinki Fashion Week – Amos Anderson Art Museum
22.7.2017 – 26.7.2017

Create the Formula experience was designed and built by

Alena Parshina, Heikki Heiskanen, Numan Shakil, Tuomas Ahva, Noora Ahmed-Moshe, Annina Antinranta, Gökcen Keskin, Arttu Tolonen, Daniel Morales

The team would like to thank the following people and parties for lots of help:
Katherine Shenton, Santtu Seppänen, Ville Kovanen, Maria Lumiaho, Joonas Nissinen, Kirsi Louhelainen, Merituuli Saario, Paul Houghton, Boutique, Evelyn Moradzadeh & Helsinki Fashion Week

Helsinki Fashion Week, managed by Nordic Fashion Week Group, is a non-profit organization that focuses on a sustainable future. The program consists of 100 % sustainable local and international products and brands. The aim of the organization is to educate the Finnish consumer and local companies in international fashion culture. According to HFW, their main goal and core value of the event is sustainability. Helsinki Fashion Week introduces brands that share the values and provides alternatives to a consumer.

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