HoloLens Futurice Helsinki Tour

• 14.10.16 •

Michael Samarin • VP & Head of Software Development

Wlaking on Mars with HoloLens

Last year’s Microsoft //BUILD conference was the very first time the general public was able to try HoloLens. I was there... and it was great! The only problem was, I was too late to sign up for the demo. Luckily, some of my Futurice colleagues were faster than me and had the opportunity to experience HoloLens firsthand. I could only dream about it and listen to their stories...

My chance came when I had visited the Microsoft Campus in Redmond in November 2015 as one of the Microsoft MVPs in Windows Development. Our team was taken to the HoloLens Demo Lab and all those stories I’d heard from my colleagues came true. It was fantastic. Suddenly, while wearing HoloLens, you realize that this is the future many of us were imagining while watching our favorite sci-fi movies. Suddenly you feel that, as engineers, we do have the power to change the world around us.

My second chance came this year at //BUILD 2016, where Microsoft and NASA teamed up and created the “Walking on Mars” interactive demo with HoloLens. Being guided by a virtual Buzz Aldrin on the surface of Mars was an amazing experience.

And finally, today, I was walking through our Futurice office in Helsinki with HoloLens. Join me for this 5 min mixed reality tour of our office:

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Futurice will be offering HoloLens development to its customers. Let’s experiment together, let’s build those new augmented reality experiences in your projects and environments. Let’s change the world!

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