Inspiring Design Thinkers of the Future in Bavaria

Jane Vita • Senior Service Creator

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Lake Tegernsee in Germany. It was a wonderful experience and a lovely and inspiring place. The weather was stunning, +28°C, there was bright blue skies and the smell of flowers filled the air.

But this wasn’t my chosen holiday location, this was the place selected as the crib for inspiring PhD students through the well designed BMW Summer School program. The theme of the event was “Car as a service” – creating tomorrow’s smart mobility service platform.

Lake Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany Lake Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany

I was honored to be invited to deliver one of the breakout sessions, focused on Design Thinking. The invite came from the scientific programme committee, which comprises of representatives from BMW Group, EURECOM, the French Embassy, BFHZ and TUM. I got to spend an hour and a half with eight amazing PhD students.

PhD students learning to Love the Problem - Photo by Sun. PhD students learning to Love the Problem - Photo by Sun.

The session was aimed to give an overview on the current and next stage of Design Thinking and offer a view on how to go beyond it. We talked about what is changing, what is being well and badly implemented and especially what are the learnings that can be taken. We also took this one step further and discussed about what is beyond; the service overview, critical and creative thinking and the focus areas of design. The session was finalised with a couple of exercises, including co-creation with a real user, journey map and facilitation.

Group exercise - real user experience insight. Group exercise - real user experience insight.

Are you curious about the content of the session? You can find the slides on my SlideShare account.

We love sharing our knowledge, work and methodologies at Futurice and we’d be more than happy to share these with you at an event you’re arranging.

You can read more about the BMW Summer School here.

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