It’s FutuCamp Time

Jasmine Eskenzi • Marketing Intern

As the temperature starts to warm up and we approach summer, our offices are humming with echoes of excitement, not just about the weather but we're preparing to embark on our annual FutuCamp adventure to learn, network and bond.

The majestic city of Prague is the playground for this year’s FutuCamp, a town renowned for its enchanting charm, rich cultural heritage, and of course an array of bespoke breweries. This two-day event will be a mixture of inspiring sessions, excursions and of course continuous team bonding, what could be better!

Having a unified company is essential to Futurice, as a connected company is a happy company. With offices (and an ever-growing team) across Europe in Berlin, Helsinki, London, Munich, Stockholm and Tampere it is important to bring together the entire Futurice family in one place, at this year's FutuCamp trip there will be 340 of us. That’s why uniting our offices is so essential to us, as we can connect together our rich array of wonderful cultures and communities.

FutuBohemia is the theme for this year’s FutuCamp and La Bella Epoque is our inspiration. As the Kingdom of Bohemia originated in the Czech Republic in the 14th Century, this seemed like an apt theme for this year’s event. You can expect endless vintage memorabilia and chilicorn galore as the event will be carried out in traditional Futurice style.

Through events like this year’s FutuBohemia, we are able to learn from each other and discuss ideas and opportunities to create a company that inspires and innovates.

As people across Futurice already start to make their way to Prague, it’s almost FutuCamp time. If you won’t be joining us for this wonderful weekend extravaganza, no need to worry - we will be recording every last minute of it, for you to be involved from wherever you are. You can follow our journey on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram where we will give you constant updates of the trip under the #FutuBohemia hashtag.

We’re looking forward to bringing our unique Futurice spirit, energy and enthusiasm to Prague and having a memorable weekend of adventure!

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