It's the strategy, stupid!

Kalle Tuomi • Creative Director, Strategist; Futu_xperience Hub

The two worlds should always flow - never collide.

During the 1992 US presidential campaign, Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist James “The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville urged his boss and other campaign workers to focus on the single theme that matters. A note was pinned to the wall of the campaign HQ and it read: 

“It’s the economy, stupid.” 

The phrase soon became common knowledge and has been in common use in US politics. The message was, and is, just right. Always. The economy affects on everything.

In your company, the same applies to strategy.

You've probably defined a business & brand strategy that actualizes your company vision, mission, positioning and promise, so you’d better make damn sure that all your actions bring that strategy to life. Traditionally, the story is told and the promise made via marketing communication. But as we all know, it's not enough to tell people about it. You need to live up to your promise. You need to practice what you preach.

Your digital services are the most powerful tool and channel to tell your story and keep your promise. They may be your primary, or even only, contact point with your customers.

This being the case, I challenge you to not settle for creating a digital service just for its own sake – service creation is a strategic decision and it should be one of your key strategic processes.

  • Make sure your business & brand strategy guide the service design process.
  • Every touchpoint on the service customer journey, be it physical or digital, is a potential key to engagement and strategic brand building.

Every feature in the actual service potentially builds on the brand experience which may take us way beyond the traditional UX that often has its focus on the technical service flow. We call it experience design. If it’s applied in both physical and digital environments, that much the better. The two worlds should always flow - never collide.

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