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Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group

The Global Service Jam is a fun way to get more people interested in service design - Doing, not talking is the mantra, while keeping in mind that the process of doing and what you learn is far more important than the end result. So it's a great way to meet new people, network, learn new things and, most of all, get inspired and build things. 

As our world becomes increasingly digital, making sure people designing the services we use in our everyday lives are drawn from as varied a pool as possible becomes increasingly important. Groups with varied areas of expertise and backgrounds are the best inoculation against bias in designing services. 

The Global Service Jam is an opportunity to make a few little moves towards changing the world. Everything starts from somewhere, right?

This year's jam takes place on February 17-19. The Helsinki jam is hosted here at Futurice's HQ in Kamppi. Small teams in locations all over the world get together for an intensive 48 hours to build new service solutions. This is a special year as Helsinki Service Jam makes a comeback to… well… Helsinki. We've invited our friends from Laurea University of Applied Sciences and a great bunch of organisers from previous Helsinki Service Jams to our office. In addition to our premises, we'll also share Lean Service Creation, our open source service design methodology and toolkit.

Service Jams are all about learning by doing and having fun!

The theme is revealed, for all teams, on Friday evening local time. The diverse teams will move from ideas to hands-on solutions using service design methods, innovative problem solving and rapid prototyping – with experienced service designers as mentors. The Jam is open to everyone - an enthusiastic attitude towards developing services and a willingness to get one’s hands dirty are the only requirements.

All the material produced in the Global Service Jam are Creative Commons licensed and will be available at the website. 

This year's Helsinki Jam is sold out, but you can follow the proceedings live online via two different streams on YouTube. The stream address will be posted at the Helsinki Jam website. You can also follow the event on social media posts.

Live stream: Risto Sarvas - LSC kickstart - Wednesday 15th of February As Service Jam is for may their first contact with service design, we decided to kickstart the event with an intro to Lean Service Creation on Wednesday 15th of February, run by our very own Risto Sarvas. The event is a 2-hour introduction to the methods used during the Jam, as well as a crash course in using the LSC methodology, which combines lean startup ideology, design thinking and user-cantered approaches.


Live stream: Anne Stenros, CDO, City of Helsinki -  Saturday 17 th of February Jamming services is a lot like jamming music. It’s about getting into the flow, working together with great band members a.k.a. your team and getting inspired. On Saturday, the teams start building their service prototypes. To inspire teams we'll have a special guest, the City of Helsinki's CDO Anne Stenros come give an inspirational talk.


Global Service Jam is a non-profit event.

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