K-ruoka and Me&MyCity shortlisted in the Blue Arrow Awards 2016

Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group

Have you noticed how whenever an IT project is in the news, it's because something went horribly wrong, resulting in a haemorrhage of cash or a deluge of pissed off users? There's a reason for this... and it's not because all IT projects are massive failures of epic proportions. In fact, very few are, really. 

The thing about IT projects is that when they succeed you're not supposed to notice. You shouldn't notice. A good service is one that lets you achieve what you set out to do and doesn't draw attention to itself. It SHOULD be invisible. 

The Blue Arrow Awards were created to draw attention to all those times everything went right and people's lives were made just a little bit better by helping them achieve what they set out to do. It's better that we do it as a part of a separate gala then have the service you're using remind you of its awesomeness at regular intervals, no? That would be incredibly annoying. 

This being the case, it gives me great pride to announce that two of our customer projects made the shortlist and have a chance of winning an award at the gala on 26th May 2016: 

K-ruoka was nominated in the Epic Purchasing category. The purchasing process was one geared to change the way things are done at Kesko, allowing the organisation to start a transformation that will see it produce some of the world's best ecommerce apps by 2017. 

Me&MyCity was nominated in the Societal Impact category. Me&MyCity is an award-winning learning concept and environment that helps primary and secondary school students learn in very concrete ways how society works.  

Congratulations to the nominees and see you on stage at Circus in May!

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