Kesko and Futurice win at Grand One

Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group

The K-Ruoka app won the award for the most impactful service at Grand One 2017. 

The judges felt the app's business case was far and away the best in the category and that it really raises the bar on how data can be used in a consumer service. The app helps people stay on top of their everyday logistics and offers consumers a view into the impact of their own behavior.

The app has a real impact on both users' lives and Kesko's business. 

The K-Ruoka app is a great example of the results digital can deliver when done right - systematically and in a way that reflects the fact that software is moving into the heart of business in all industries. The Kesko and Futurice teams worked as one, in close cooperation with no barriers.

This year's win was a natural continuation to last year's win for Epic Purchasing. All great digital services are underscored by a change in the ways of working. 

There it is!

Congratulations, Team Futurice & Kesko.

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