Kesko and Yrityskylä win at Blue Arrow Awards

Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group

Blue Arrow Awards is a newcomer in the gala field. Blue Arrows are given to digital service projects and movers & shakers, who the judges feel have had a beneficial impact on the field as a whole. The awards were started to highlight the fact that most digital projects are successful, despite the fact that a lot of media attention focuses on the ones that didn't, and share knowledge of best practices to make the industry as a whole better and stronger. 

Two of our customers' projects won their categories at the 2016 Blue Arrow Awards.

Kesko's K-Ruoka app - Epic Purchasing

A large organisation shows it has what it takes to do things in a new way. 

Kesko underwent a revolutionary agile transformation and started the process of changing the way services are developed company-wide. It was an incredibly courageous move for a company with a long history of rigid purchasing processes. The K-Ruoka app was developed in an iterative manner with constant validation for market fit and testing with real users, allowing both parties to work to the fullest of their capabilities. 

K-Ruoka crew accepts the Epic Purchasing Award

Yrityskylä - Societal Influence

Yrityskylä educates school children about how our society works by providing a comprehensive learning environment in which children can explore the dfferent facets of our lives, encompassing lessons in economy, work life and entrepreneurship. It combines new, functional pedagogies like gamification and simulation with interaction with the real world outside the school. In addition to digital learning content, the concept includes teacher training on the substance matter and learning methods. The concept fosters deeper cooperation between schools and the companies. 

Yrityskylä wins for Societal Influence

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.

Here's a link to all the finalists.

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