Key learnings from digital innovation in under a minute

Olli-Pekka Saksa • Head of HR

I had to squeeze some key points on (digital) innovation into a script that would take 50 seconds when spoken. Here's the result. I, along with many colleagues at Futurice, know from experience this is the stuff good things are made of:

  • Great minds might think alike but great ideas come from the dialog of different perspectives. Bring together customers and business, design, and technology professionals across functions and networks in an open dialog.
  • Systematic execution is key. Go outside, understand the real problems worth solving, experiment. Love the customers’ problem, not your solution. Iterate between the abstract and the concrete: from business model to product features to customer dialog and back. Build, measure, learn, repeat.
  • Prove the value of your idea with 20-30 people before worrying about millions. Consider the problems of customer segments outside your traditional markets - this is where disruptions happen.

And remember, you cannot plan your digital future, you need to build it!

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