Lean Service Creation inspired educators and kids

Viivi Lehtonen • Senior Content & Service DesignerNelli Myllylä • LSC Growth Hacker

Social impact is important for Futurice. It's one reason why we are active in organizing and taking part in events - we want to share our expertise and tools.

Lean Service Creation was created to bring focus and structure to service creation. The curated set of canvases walks you through the steps necessary for creating successful services and products, helping you reach your objectives in an iterative and human-centric way. The set is based on experiences gained from thousands of service creation projects.

Thanks to its clear and crystallized structure, Lean Service Creation is easy to take into use. LSC establishes a shared language for the project team, despite the different backgrounds of team members and stakeholders. LSC increases the chances of success through systematic validation of the most critical assumptions in the project. A steady focus on value generation, human-centricity and learning through iteration are all in the heart of Lean Service Creation, too.

To share our expertise, we've open sourced the Lean Service Creation tools. They are free for you to use in your organization or project. To develop our networks and meet new people, we attend a wide variety of interesting events in many fields. Recently we've concentrated on children and the educational sector in general.

In September, we worked with Habitare Design Fair on the Habi Kids area. This year the space was a Design School for kids; a learning theme park of the future where schools, children, and families had the opportunity to test design learning methods and step into the shoes of a designer for a little while. Futurice hosted and tested LSC methods with kids for the first time in a project where children and adults together design a mobiler app. 

In November, we ran an LSC-workshop at Oppimisen fiesta, an education festival organized by the City of Helsinki. People working in the education sector were very interested Lean Service Creation, and need some support and tools for the worl they are doing. Co-creation in education was the subject of our workshops: LSC helps in ideation and planning, and supports phenomenal learning that Finnish schools now use. Educators were very interested in service design and co-creation, but felt they don’t have enough time for it in schools or universities. LSC Canvases could be used, at the very least, for problem solving, motivation and planning courses - together with students. Despite the workshop's time limitations, the ideas and results were, in the view of the participants, useful.

Teachers and school staff ideating on how to utilize co-creation in their work.

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Our other avenue of social impact is the Spice Program, an open source and social impact program we sponsor. We use our skills to make the world a slightly better place by contributing to projects with a positive social impact. Via Spice we have, for example, taught teachers how to code in a very rudimentary fashion (just to get an idea...), made the Finnish arms trade a little more transparent with SaferGlobe and helped match refugees to employment opportunities with StartupRefugees. For more information:

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