LSC met the uni students who met the addicts

Mirkka Länsisalo • Lead Service Designer, Culture Engineer

This spring we had extremely interesting Lean service creation course ongoing in Tampere. We got 13 talented students from University of Tampere working on a theme addiction – finding a way how to support people who have addictions with help of digital interventions.

We workshopped with the students five times at which time they worked on LSC canvases to ensure they ask the right questions at the right time. In between the workshops students interviewed people with addictions in order to find the problem worth solving and to validate their ideas.

It was again great to see the progress the students went through during the course. They really owned their cases, they tackled the uncertainties by doing and adapted to new situations and encounters just perfectly. Students trained pitching in each meeting and at the final one they were true professionals.

The collaboration with Irti Huumeista ry was smooth and effective. They offered the students a venue to meet the addicts and also provided them a great amount of volunteers to be interviewed. We are looking forward to future cooperation.

Our jury of the final pitches consisted of representatives from Irti Huumeista, Yad and University of Tampere. Also the owners of the initial idea, Adele Asuncion and Bjørnar den Hollander and luckily one recovered addict were part of the jury. It was not easy to choose the winning team, as all teams' work and pitches had lots of merits. Eventually the winning team was chosen based on the thought they put into the implementation. They had thought out implementation of evidence-based behavior-change techniques with proven efficacy to a great extent.

Why we do this?

We want to make the world a better place by using our skills by contributing to projects with positive social impact. We also want to share our skills and mindset with the future stars of digitalized world in order to build a better world.

What happens next?

Our goal is to review the concepts again, utlize the materials teams produced during the course and consider carefully if we should continue with the implementation of the concepts with our Chilicorn Fund. Most probably we will do it, as the concepts really seemed to resonate.

Winner's smiles.

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