Let’s not only watch or follow trends, let’s lead them

Jane Vita • Senior Service Creator

When talking about the future, it’s nearly impossible to think about it without plenty of digital gadgets. Even in the most desperate post-apocalyptic fictions, exceeding the human capabilities with hardware is still around somehow. But why we are so into this kind of perception of the world?


We’ve been trying for ages to facilitate our tasks by creating tools that extend our bodies' capacity and help us achieve better or more pleasant results in our daily life. There will always be new and more efficient solutions coming. Some, even good ones, will always become obsolete, some will improve and some will totally die.

So even if there is a nuclear winter coming, we’ll most probably see more gadgets, digital tools, in the future helping us to achieve more, faster and easier.  

Co-creation with the customer has become a part of our daily work

I believe that we’re very close to this revolutionary world of gadgets and digital assistance, and that we’re the ones who’re going to take part in many changes towards that world. 

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As designers and digital developers, we keep trying to create things that people will buy, admire and follow. Just being reactive is not enough, we also have to become smarter and adapt faster to the change. Sitting as a passenger is not enough, we should be the ones piloting the plane, assuring the safety and the pleasant travel for the customers.

We know that dialogue with the customer is one thing, but understanding and having a real conversation by co-creating is becoming more and more our daily work. We also understand that we need to know the business, its challenges, offerings, capabilities, and stakeholders. Then again, it is equally important to understand technology.

Technology is driving human behaviour  

As we design and sell digital services, we’re very much aware what’s happening in the technology scene. However, in “the real world” and in the future, technology is driving more human behaviour. So designing a new service or an app needs also understanding in the social, cultural or even political field.   

Future trends are the missing pieces that connect us to achieve impossible things, and since the impossible is always possible, we just need a bit of more effort in understanding what is the next big thing and how we’re going to make it happen.

This is an introduction for a series of posts about “Futures Thinking”. We want to share what we’re thinking about future(s) trends and help our clients to make more sustainable and successful businesses.

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