Make profound change a process

Mikko Lehtonen • Business Director

Direction is key

Over the years I've worked as a leader in a variety of positions. One thing I've learned is that it's incredibly easy to get caught up in running the day-to-day business - busy, doing a lot, implementing small changes here and there, generating more leads, getting more sales, etc. When this happens you cease to pay enough attention to implementing a controlled plan to move from one state to another, which is the key to longevity in any business. 

You most likely don't have a project where you actively think and lead the changes, as you'd lead a digital service creation project. 

What is the purpose of leaders? Ideally they are here to implement change: adapt the company culture to new business environments, transform processes to enable customer-driven organization or drive the company to become the best place to work, for example.

The journey from the initial state to the target state is a profound, earth-shaking change in any organization. For this reason, it's imperative that we think of it as a proper process. The process is the plan and execution for changing states. 

If there is no real process – no plan and execution – some change will still happen, but that's all. We won't be really in the driver's seat. 

The tools used to lead the change are a separate issue. Some companies use a waterfall approach, some prefer agile. I believe in the latter.

At Futurice we have organizational monthly sprints that focus on implementing the changes we need. Agile and scrum principles and methods are used to drive changes. We concentrate on making sure they bring the change and value we aim for. 

Here's how you do it, in a nutshell.

  1. Make your “internal” and/or organizational changes and/or initiatives concrete processes
  2. Use e.g. Scrum to manage the process - with sprints, plannings, retros, dailys and the whole package
  3. Enjoy the ride and the results

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