Our Predictions and Recommendations for Slush 2016

Kat Shenton • Marketing Director

With just a week to go until Slush starts, we’ve pulled together some of the sessions we’re most looking forward to, along with our own predictions.

These are themes and predictions that we’re expecting from Slush 2016:

  • VR Talk to Moves Action: Thanks to PlayStation, VR has moved to the mainstream, but what are the other practical applications of VR outside of gaming? At Slush we’re expecting less talk and more practical action. Instead of how VR can be used, it will be centered more around how do you build VR experiences.
  • Our Journey’s will Change: From what and how we drive to how our city is planned and what data is mined will all change over the coming years, it’s already happening. Mapping is a hot topic at Slush, as we hear from Uber’s product director, Manik Gupta, about the mapping functionality and what happens behind the scenes of your Uber pick-up. We’ll also hear from Waze, the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app about the future of urban mobility.
  • Breaking Down Silos: The design with a capital D campaign has worked and as a result we’re seeing less sessions around this discipline on its own and more about innovation and change-led programmes. Exactly how we like it.
  • On Your Starting Blocks: Blockchain is the buzz term of the year, with every financial institution trying to get their head around it and then work out how to use it. We’re not surprised there are three sessions dedicated to Blockchain. However, what we’re surprised at, is that the majority (if not all) focus on the use case for financial services, it would have been good to hear about how other industries could use this technology.
  • I Can Compute: There has been huge steps in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning over the last couple of years, as we move towards an altogether more human and emotional engagement. The focus in 2016 has been on voice, so we’re looking forward to hearing more about IBM’s Watson programme is making progress in this area and we’re excited to hear from Paul Chung and Jukka Ruponen about the advancements they are making. Within the other sessions we’re expecting more around challenges and opportunities rather than proof of concept and up and running services.
  • Forget Treatment We’re Aiming for Cure: Healthcare is HUGE at Slush, with a strong focus on science and medicine. We don’t need to wait until we get ill, we should be able to eradicate it before we experience the symptoms. Certainly a big topic across all industries is data. We’re banking on data being a core theme of the health and wellbeing talks. A huge amount of health data is held across the world, how can this be used to fix our most common diseases? Bayer and Allianz will join a panel to discuss this.

Here’s are our top five picks from the agenda:

  • Blockchain: The Holy Grail of FinTech (30 Nov – 12:35 Green Stage)
  • Internet of Energy (1 Dec – 12:20 – Black Stage)
  • European Tech in 2030 (1 Dec – 14:35 - Founder Stage)
  • Curating the Future of Global VR (1 Dec – 15:40 – Green Stage)
  • New Directions in AI (1 Dec – 16:40 – Black Stage)

We’ve got our very own programme of events happening at our pop-up FutuCafé (stand 6A.3) including:

  • Slush tours: what you can’t afford to miss by Futurice’s, Business Director, Michael Samarin (30 Nov & 1 Dec - 2pm). 
  • Colombia Road expert sessions – Customer Journey Mapping & Customer Experience Strategy 10 (30 Nov 11am & 1 Dec 1pm). 
  • HoloLens Facial Recognition Demo, try out our specially designed app 30 Nov & 1 Dec - 4pm). 
  • A very special announcement about the next step for the Chilicorn (1 Dec - 11am). 

You can check out our full schedule for day 1 and day 2 on our website.

Come along and see us at Slush and you’ll get a decent cup of coffee, chocolate and we’re right next to Fortum’s charging station, so you can charge your devices as well. See you in the FutuCafé at 6A.3!

Follow the conversation at #FUTUXSLUSH.

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