Pepperoni - our open-source blueprint for mobile development

• 24.05.16 •

Kat Shenton • Marketing Director

We’re very excited to share with you our new project “Pepperoni”. At Futurice, we’re big supporters and advocates for open source projects, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this with the world.

Pepperoni is a free open-source blueprint designed to kickstart your mobile product development for Android and iOS, and is powered by React Native.

Are you launching a new mobile product? Pepperoni provides you with the basic building blocks to start developing faster. Don’t reinvent the wheel so you can go to market faster and focus on the distinguishing features that set you apart. How many different ways can you develop login and signup anyway? Imagine how much time and money you’d save when it’s all ready for you.

Why did we do this?

We love building apps with React Native. It helps us create high quality products for both iOS and Android quickly and cost effectively.

Head over to the Pepperoni website to learn more and check out the project on Github.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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