Samsung Kick and K-Ruoka get some love from Grand One

Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group

This year's award season got off to a good start at the 2016 Grand One gala. 

Samsung Kick

Samsung's Kick, the ultimate app for football lovers, won the award for best use of data. The jury liked the fact that it's a big, world-class project for a major client. The data collected from a wide variety of sources is used in a way that offers the user added value at numerous contact points and phases during the use experience.

Samsung also received an honorable mention in the general mobile service category. Here the jury drew attention to the passion evident in the design and build of the service. They singled out the data visualisations and their connection to the world of game consoles. Three million downloads made an impression, of course. 

Congratulations to Wolt for winning!

Samsung Kick awards chilling at the Helsinki office, en route to London

Kesko K-ruoka

K-Ruoka is your own little helper for those trips to the grocery store. It provides ideas and inspiration, makes shopping easier and keeps you up-to-date on special offers and other relevant info. For shopkeepers, it's a great way to reach customers. The jury at Grand One appreciated the service for alleviating the pain of grocery shopping, as well as the thoughtout automation and personalisation. They liked the fact that the service was clearly targeted to a very large user group and that all stakeholders had been consulted during the extensive testing the service underwent. 

A classic gala shot of the Mika Kakko and Antti Rajala from Kesko with our very own Kalle Lappalainen

So an excellent night for us and our clients Samsung and Kesko! 

Here's the list of winners for 2016 (in Finnish):

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