Sharing backend best practices

Ilkka Poutanen • Senior Specialist

It's been a while since we wrote about our best practices for native mobile development, but now it's time to continue the tradition. In the spirit of transparency and sharing, we've just made our backend best practices repository on GitHub public, for anybody to read, comment and fork.

Being aware of the tendency to think that one's own specialty is always just a bit more special than others, I won't claim the effort here was greater, but I will say that this document is perhaps a bit more abstract. There are no project skeletons—at least at the time of writing. There are no configuration examples, and only a few recommendations for specific software. Not all the advice is universally applicable, and in specific scenarios, some of it might even be at odds with other parts.

In my opinion, the trick is to cultivate an environment where you don't need to think about things that can be automated, and conversely are forced to think about the really important things. For example, are those backups really, really working?

As with the other best practices documents, we aim to keep this one evolving. Any contributions are more than welcome, so please tell us if you disagree or if we have omitted something important. Let's keep improving the state of the art, for everyone’s benefit.

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