Slush is optimism and win-win

Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group


Thirty people from Futurice attended Europe’s leading startup and investor conference Slush in Helsinki in mid-November. Cable Factory was packed with enthusiastic people and international guests. We were present with Futurice Cafe – a cafeteria with premium coffee and quality discussions.

What was the best at whole of Slush? This is how we answered.

“Being part of something that will be seen in Finnish history as a great example of the zeitgeist: hopes and positive thinking in the middle of depression and layoffs.”

“Slush was full of inspiring people who were enthusiastic about their ideas, willing to share them and ready to receive lots and lots of valuable feedback."

"One of the best things was our own cafe and our own people who made it happen – it was the perfect place to stop and have a coffee, meet people, sit down for a moment and relax. Slush was inspiration.”


"Meeting people I did not expect to meet. Positive atmosphere."

“Enthusiastic people that have the drive to change things and who truly believe on their products and services or whatever they're doing. Pitching is essential. It actually matters how and why you're saying things. Getting together with so many people from so many different fields of work is a great opportunity to learn a lot. And I did.”

“I was inspired by the design skills in Nordic startup scene: the user experience is a key factor in so many success stories. Lean startup and customer development require also strong design thinking if one wants to win the heart of a consumer.”

“Listening to Tomoko Namba's story on building DeNA: trusting your own abilities when an opportunity arises and then aiming big, beyond what others think is possible.”

“Big companies have started to get interested in the startup scene. They are impressed by the courage and agility of growth companies. They want to adopt and apply lean ways of working for business development.”


“Slush atmosphere accelerates trust building: people dive in to deep and open discussions instantly. Optimism, win-win spirit, ambition, generosity – a surprising mix. I wish we could have a little bit of Slush going on in Helsinki/Finland every day.”

“Slush gathered together everyone in the industry: you couldn't take a step without meeting someone, old or new. The accidental demos on hallways, honest and unprepared pitches over coffee and other serendipitous meetings were worth the conference alone.”

“The official pitches, stands and presentations gave a good overview of where the startups are now heading. I'm happy to see the momentum take new directions from the yet-another-social-network to new realms: health, energy and environment will need all this new talent and energy in years to come.“

“I really enjoyed the amount of familiar faces, new contacts and being able to tell so many people of our great community of digilovers. Sensing our premium coffee fit the picture extremely well: great things happen in cafeterias.”

“Best thing were the people! They were full of potential, ideas and passion."



Take a look at our photostream of Slush memories.

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