Stockholm Beer & Tech Meetup Videos

Palle Zingmark • Tech Lead

Futurice Beer & Tech is our Europe-wide concept where we enjoy stellar tech talks by Futuriceans with casual beer & snacks. (Other drinks available, too.) It's already an institution in Berlin, London and Helsinki. Stockholm is the happy latest addition to the club.


Here are the videos of the talks given at our first Stockholm Beer & Tech from March 9, 2016. 

Cycle.js was built to solve problems

by Andre Staltz Creator of cycle.js, RxJS core contributor

This talk demystifies whether Cycle.js is a "a weird and challenging way of building web apps", demonstrating how it is a simple and small framework, meant for pragmatically solving customer problems while maintaining code quality.

Please note, due to some technical issues we weren't able to record Andre's talk. Instead, here is the same talk, given at

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Debugging is in flux

by Jarno Rantanen Frontend wizard, React specialist

We've all seen the conference demos of time-travel debugging for React and Redux. In this talk Jarno will share practical experiences from applying those capabilities in actual product development.

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200 OK Let's test your HTTP API consumer

by Ali Rantakari iOS hacker, author of

The backend plays an important role in many mobile services, but the part of mobile clients that talks to the backend rarely gets enough automated testing love. We'll look at a few different tactics for conveniently testing these things on iOS, one of which is an actual in-process web server.

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Actually building things in React Native

by Jani Eväkallio Web Engineer, React Native pioneer

How Futurice ships beautiful mobile apps using React Native and what we’ve learned along the way

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On Simplicity

by Ossi Hanhinen Hypertext Elementalist, Elm aficionado

This talk touches the overwhelming abundance of frontend technologies and the complexity of JavaScript itself, and shows a promise for better times ahead.

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