Supporting creativity – a company sponsored open source musical record

Tuomas Ahva • Sound Designer

What are your hobbies? This question gets asked at least once a month here at Futurice when new people are introduced to the rest of the company. Very often the reply has something to do with music.

We at Futurice wanted to give a boost to those who take their musical hobby a bit more seriously. We decided to release a compilation of music composed and recorded by Futurice people. Anyone from the company had a chance to sign up. You can think of this as a continuation to Futuradio, which was a radio station we had a few years back. It played content created by our employees, supporting the creativity from another auditory angle.

The tracks of the compilation are released under Creative Commons (CC) licence, whichever of them the creator wants to use. Futurice supported the composing process: artists could mark the hours spent to our Spice Program, meaning that they got a monetary reward for their time spent on this open source project. In addition, we hired a professional audio engineer to mix the tracks, and master them to equal audio levels. The online distribution to various streaming services was done by Texicalli Digital Distribution.

In addition to music, this was a thrilling opportunity for myself in other fronts, too. I've been part of numerous music projects, but never acted as a record producer nor designed an actual record cover image. Now I got to do both! For the cover image I wanted to use a technique I've been doodling with. Our designer Luiz Soyer made it look like a proper cover image.

There were a bit over 20 artists ready for the challenge – and in the end 18 tracks went through the process of getting mixed and mastered. Styles vary very much, from dubstep to singer-songwriter style and from Berlin techno to garage rock, with lots of vocoder and text-to-speech singing. 

The tracks are available with a CC licence on Soundcloud. In addition they can be streamed from online streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music.

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