Tech Open Air 2017

Simone Mitterer • Director Marketing & Communications, Germany

Embedded content: We’ve just returned from Berlin’s annual interdisciplinary technology festival, Tech Open Air.

One of the hundreds of people who got a Chilicorn tattoo at Tech Open Air.

Over several days this event brings together technology, music, art, and science in an attempt to encourage extensive collaboration, development and exchange of knowledge. This year welcomed a staggering turnout of over 20,000 people with more than 200 fascinating speakers. Alongside 200 various satellite events that took place across Berlin over the week.

The Futurice team meet people from the across world.

Tech Open Air this year was an eclectic mix of new innovative tech startups from across the world, and some older, more established companies, like ourselves. Is Futurice an older company, you might wonder? But, yes, as we are approaching our 17th birthday, we start to consider ourselves to be old timers. So it was great to see all the buzzing young tech companies full of enthusiasm and energy. With so many new ideas floating through the TOA venue, there were, nevertheless, a few particular companies that stood out to us, with their cutting-edge products and solutions. Companies that attracted our attention were Colorfy and Lumind. Colorfy are the manufacturers of new smart connected clothing, including a shirt that includes a built-in health monitor, heart rate and posture sensor and camera. While Lumind aim to provide a new visual reminder for diabetics, providing a colour changing light that enables diabetics to keep track of their insulin levels. These companies were a few amongst many tech companies providing inventive new products to serve the future.

But even being a more stablished company, we made sure to make an unique appearance at TOA this year. While our Berlin MD, Gian Casanova took to the main stage to talk about facial recognition and our recent work with Finnair, which received extensive interest from the crowd to Gian’s delight, the Futurice team welcomed lots and lots of visitors to our booth. In many personal talks we were able to inform about our mission, our ideas and successful cases we have worked on with our customers. We created new partnerships, gained new insights and made interesting contacts for the future.

Embedded content:

Another highlight of our presence at TOA was our little Chilicorn tattoo studio. The tattoos gained a lot of interest and we developed a queue from our stand full of people eager to have the Chilicorn tattooed across their body. Some brave souls even got the Chilicorn tattooed across their neck, only to find that the tattoos lasted far longer than a few hours, they in fact lasted for quite a few days. Thankfully, we had 500 people walking round with our logo tattooed across their bodies for the duration of the event.

The tattooing in action.

We tattooed the people of Berlin with our Chilicorn tattoos.

So, we were very happy that we had the chance to meet with a lot of interesting people from across Europe and globally. We learnt more about the latest and greatest startups as well as talking to designers, developers and consultants about potential careers at Futurice.

For all of you, who want to have a live-glimpse of our this year's presence and experiences at TOA this year, have a look at the our TOA summary video and the interview with Gian -  have fun watching!

Gian Casanova being interviewed by ALEX TV (jump to: min. 23:24)

The beautiful view from one of the many satellite events held during TOA.

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