The best place on Earth for a web developer

Jouni Kaplas • Head of Technology (FI)

Are you a developer? Software engineer? Techie? Hacker? Chances are you’re driven by creating an impact or tackling a challenge. You probably want your work to change something in the world – you don’t want your effort to vanish into the void. Or maybe you hope you get to solve interesting challenges posed by technology, projects or clients.

I base my speculations on interviews I conducted with many of my 300 fellow technologists at Futurice this Spring.

What if I told you that there is a whole world waiting in the shadows, a world that desperately needs your skill and wisdom? That you could be challenged every day like never before? And that with your knowledge and ability, you have the opportunity to change the course of entire companies?

That world exists. It’s called the Industrial Internet of Things.

FullStack conference flyer Photo by Ed Telling –

I’ll be joining FullStack 2017 conference in London this July to share what I’ve learned from working as a web developer in an IIoT project for three years. When it started, I had no idea it would go on to completely change my understanding of how adaptable a modern web technology stack really is and how far you can push its boundaries.

My presentation will be light on code and the climax won’t be the surprise announcement of yet-another-JS-library. Instead, I’ll talk about large-scale IoT installations in practice, dealing with massive amounts of data and designing fully reactive systems. I will also try to convince the audience that IIoT is the best industry for web developers to be part of in 2017.

I'm eager and excited to get on the plane in just a few weeks. See you in London!

FullStack 2017 conference will be held in London from 12th to 14th of July. In addition to Jouni, speakers include software industry experts such as Douglas Crockford and Christian Heilmann.

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