The biggest thing we can offer

Petri Heiramo • Organisational ScrumMaster

This is the picture I would've wanted to see on our website's cover page:

This is what Futurice offers.​ This is what Futurice offers.​

This image displays, in my humble opinion, so perfectly what we can offer to our clients. Yes, we create delightful digital services, but our true offering is the stuff beneath the apparent.

Futurice represents a change in mindset, a change in how to build successful business outcomes. The cornerstones are:

  • Engaging people, both people in the business and the users
  • Cross-functionality, bridging different competencies together to let innovation emerge
  • Value-focus, iterating rapidly to find the most important things to do, and then shipping them

For many established companies, each of those aspects is compromised. Not just one, but all. And more and more organisations are realizing the problem they have. As new competition is emerging, they find themselves struggling to hold on, yet also find it hard to change things.

We don't sell culture change; we set an example

We work with our clients on the specific items in their portfolio (the part above the waterline, that we are directly contracted to work on), but our greatest potential contribution is in how we can help our clients change their own reality. We can show a different way of doing things. We can set an example. We work side-by-side with our clients people, letting them practice in our support. We can challenge the established thinking, and introduce new ideas to consider. We can help establish new practices for leadership and execution. We can teach the processes and mindset.

In some cases, the clients specifically hire us because of this "under the waterline" offering. In some cases, we were hired for our capability in delivery, but the clients realized the impact we have on their organisation. But it's never that we force any of this on our clients; they have to want it themselves.

Another way to say this is, our clients can benefit from our delivery capabilities for hiring us to do a project. They can benefit much more if they engage us at the deeper level. We can help them re-energize their organisation, help them re-focus themselves on value and delivery, help them on a path of higher employee & customer satisfaction, and ultimately, toward greater business success. We might call all of that "a change in culture". 

But there is no free lunch

In our case, it's not that you pay us some exorbitant fees. It's that we can't make you change; we can only help you change yourself. It's the effort you have to put into your own change that is the investment. That culture works for us, it works for a lot of companies in the world, it can also work for you. Are you interested?

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