The Future Talks – In Conversation with Moneycorp

Matthew Edwards • Head of Marketing, UK

Take a look at the first film in our Future Talks series, featuring conversations with some of the leading thinkers and doers we've worked with on a whole range of projects.

UK-based Moneycorp are global specialists in currency exchange and international payments, handling a huge volume of transactions for a wide variety of corporate, institutional and individual customers in over 190 currencies. We've worked together since 2016 to design and build a new customer-centric platform and service experience. You can read more about what we built with them, and other projects besides, over here.

Throughout the Moneycorp project, we've worked to navigate a complex, interconnected mix of regulatory environments and financial systems. It's safe to say – we learned a lot. Here, Futurice Commercial Director David Mitchell and Nick Haslehurst, CFO at Moneycorp, discuss the nitty gritty of ensuring these projects deliver.

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