The new IoT office experience

Liva Kallite • Service & UX designer

Written in collaboration with Luís Ramalho (Software Engineer)

For the last few months a team at Futurice has been working on an exciting project called Vör. By placing multiple beacons and sensors around the Futurice office in Helsinki, we have explored possibilities on how to improve the office experience that the new age of IoT (Internet of Things) will one day provide to all of us.

What is this upcoming Technology Megatrend that we hear more and more about? IoT is the network of physical objects - devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, that enables these objects to collect and exchange data [1].

According to Simona Jankowski, Senior Equity research Analyst, Goldman Sachs:

Companies’ ability to adapt and thrive in this new era of the Internet of Things is very likely to determine who the next set of winners and laggards will be in this new connected age. [2]

In order to be one of the winners of the next innovation chapter, we at Futurice envisioned Vör.

The name Vör comes from Norse mythology and is a goddess associated with wisdom and sentientness and also represents core values of office Vör - connectivity, awareness and safety. Vör is an open source tool that offers a new kind of smart office experience by creating seamless connections between people within the office space. Implemented features focus on two aspects - share and find. Currently it provides relevant information about your surroundings like who is near you, is there something special on a Futucafé table, find an empty bathroom nearby, greatest shots at the pool table. Vör is still expanding with other exciting services. Rather than telling you, let us show you what we have implemented:

Embedded content:

During the development process people at our office came up with many amazing ideas for Vör. Am I the last person at the office? Where’s my stuff? Where’s the quietest spot right now? Are any of my favorite workspaces available? Looking for a lunch partner? These and many other ideas are our long term vision and can be implemented in your office in accordance to your particular needs and wishes. You can contribute with code, feedback and ideas to the project on Github to join forces and one day make it happen.

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