The secrets of digital design best practice revealed as part of LDF

Kat Shenton • Marketing Director

With the relentless speed of disruption in nearly every industry, organisations no longer have the luxury of spending months to years on market research, developing business cases and finally releasing a product to market. Traditional risk-averse and silo-driven ways of working simply don’t cut it in the new digitally disrupted landscape.

We understand these challenges and in response we have developed a way of working called Lean Service Creation – a set of tools and a method developed to help organisations that want to create successful digital services, based on the principles of Design Thinking, Agile Development and Lean Startup.

We've successfully deployed our LSC method in over 40 commercial projects, including creating the new service concept for Helsinki City Museum’s time machine attraction in just seven days.

We'll hold our first UK workshop on Wednesday 21st September 18:30-20:30 and focus on Lean Service Creation (LSC), we're very excited to have Prof. Risto Sarvas joining us in London to host this session. 

With the Internet of Things (IoT) fast becoming a reality, our second session on Thursday 22nd September 18:00-20:30 is a practical workshop on designing for the IoT using our dedicated IoT Service Kit. This is the result of a collaboration between Futurice designers and engineers, the IoT kit encourages designers, developers and business leads to co-create services that have users as their focus by creating a series of different user-centric scenarios to explore, such as the future of transportation, or designing new systems for smart cities. The aim is to bring different disciplines together, while ensuring that the user experience drives the process of merging physical and digital realities into successful digital services.

We're also hosting a two-day LSC training workshop, designed to act as a super-accelerator where participants can bring an idea or business problem to be solved, learn and apply principles of LSC including service design thinking, lean start-up, and agile development, and leave with a service concept to can take back to their organisations and potentially to the market.

Commenting on the workshops, Tom McQueen, MD of Futurice London said: “Futurice is at the forefront of creating successful digital services and as a company we believe in openness, transparency, and sharing what we know with the world. We are delighted to be sharing our experiences and frameworks in creating digital services through these activities during the London Design Festival and welcoming as many people as possible.”

Read more about Futurice’s Lean Service Creation workshop. Register for a free place at our Internet of Things Service Kit Workshop. Apply for a spot in our Lean Service Creation 2 day training workshop.

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