The ThingCast: Podcasting on the Internet of Things (IoT)

Paul Houghton • Director, Wizardry and Development

There is a lot of simplistic hype and old ideas recycled as “IoT”, but how to we create a better world for people using this technology? What fundamental social need is served better? Join us in a conversation seeking past the publicity stunts to surface essential truths about innovation, user control, privacy and security in an increasingly wireless and automated world.

Ricardo and Paul (designer and engineer) invite guests to discuss their views and insights about the state of art of the IoT and explore in relaxed conversation. Topics range from the process of social change to the role of the cloud and future of wearables. The goal is to have fun exploring the guests’ ideas about how can we shape the future of the cities, work and industry for our audience of designers and engineers interested in how the IoT changes services and service design.
Our first episode with Thomas Schörer, one of SAP's IoT Design Leads discussing IoT for the shipping industry is now live at . Welcome to the discussion, and please let us know what you think.

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