VPN Management - Self-provisioning and more

Ville Tainio • Software Developer

VPN Management, our open source application, is a self-service tool for your employees to handle their OpenVPN certificates. The tool consists of two parts, the server and the installation wizard. VPN Management Server provides the backend and a web interface and VPN Configuration Wizard provides the native application for setting up your configurations.

The server is integrated into LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for authentication and the keys are stored in a Git repository.

“Futurice has been lucky enough to grow steadily every year. This has caused the positive problem that the legendary IT team at Futurice needs to be able to help more and more people. To fight this growing need, one aim is to automate and simplify as much as possible. Out of this also came the idea to allow employees to setup a VPN without the assistance of IT. The VPN Management wizard has helped a lot in reducing help requests to the IT team. At the same time it has allowed employees to get access to the services they need immediately when the need has surfaced. Thus reducing the time wasted to wait for help. Everybody wins! What could be better?” -- Mats Malmsten, Former Head of IT Team @ Futurice

Security versus usability has always been a big issue. It’s of course critical that all services are well protected, but in regard to productivity and employment satisfaction, it’s important to be able to reach those services quickly. Luckily you don’t need expensive proprietary software for it, since the open source world is blooming.

Form from VPN Configuration Wizard.

After the creation of your certificate, you can use the VPN Management web tool to keep a track of them or create new ones, for example for your computer at home. The certificates will last for a configurable amount of time and it will remind you by email when your certificates are about to expire.

Automating the handling of your employees VPN connections truly improves productivity. No IT-personnel is going to miss addressing tickets about VPN connections and no financial personnel is going to miss the amount of money spent on handling those tickets. Remote work is becoming increasingly popular so the use of VPN is on the rise as well. If you are doing a lot of manual work with your VPN connections, this application is something worth looking at.

VPN Management was open sourced as a part of our open source program called the Summer of Love. The tool is published under the BSD (3-clause) license and the source code can be found at GitHub. If there is a feature you would like in the application or you know just how to solve an issue, please contribute. Remember also to follow our open source organization at GitHub. If you have any questions, comments or feedback about VPN Management or our program in general, please contact us by email at

Our next project for the summer is an user management system using LDAP. It’s a great application for managing groups, projects, teams and servers at your organization.

Stay tuned!

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