What is Ahto'17?

Arttu Tolonen • Communications Specialist, Group

The short answer is: Ahto’17 is a huge product and service development workshop that introduces Finnish companies to the Lean Service Creation product and service design methodology. It takes place on 31.1.2017 at Finlandia Hall. The event is free-of-charge for attending companies and produced by Tekes and Futurice. Participants will be coached in the use of LSC by experts from Futurice as well as major Finnish corporations that use the method in their business. 

What you’ll get for free, basically, is a primer on the method we use in our work and since it’s open source, you can use it for yours, too.

The event is in Finnish and we require 2-3 participants per company. Register here (site in Finnish).

Why are Futurice and Tekes doing this?

Finland celebrates a hundred years of independence in 2017. It’s a nice round number for not only reflection on the past, but also to contemplate where we want to go as a nation.

The past one hundred years have seen Finland change from a fairly poor agrarian society into one of the richest industrialised nations in the world. The past one hundred years have witnessed two work and business related revolutions, one of which is still going on.

The second industrial revolution was a done deal in Europe by the post-war period, at the very latest. The one we are working on now is the digital revolution and it’s just getting started. We know the impact on how we live and work in society will be seismic, but we are sketchy on the details. Some things are certain, though, and for business, one of the most important is the fact that customer- and user-centeredness is king.

Over the next one hundred years, Finnish companies will have to learn how to make services and products that put the needs of the user first and an increasing share of the companies will compete on the global stage. This is a major cultural paradigm shift for a country used to taking a technology first approach to product design.

We want to help people and companies build a new Finland for the next one hundred years - one that capitalises on strengths like world-class technological know-how, one of the top educational systems on the globe, an egalitarian inclination that manifests itself in low hierarchy organisations and desire for transparency and straight talk, and channels them towards making products and services that help people with real problems they have.

Lean Service Creation is a product development methodology that has the potential to spark a cultural change in organisations that embrace it. It puts the user at the heart of the product development process, sometimes quite literally, and helps companies become a better place to work - one where people can use all their potential and work across organisational boundaries to build better products and services.

Futurice and Tekes are doing it, so the next 100 years will be better than the previous.

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