Your digital service IS your marketing

Kalle Tuomi • Creative Director, Strategist; Futu_xperience Hub

It’s said that marketing is now a dialogue. Good digital services are based on dialogue. See the connection?

Your services have the potential to be a more powerful marketing channel than any advertising campaign alone, assuming you don’t depend on technology alone. You must be your digital self and make your value proposition as well as your persona a central part of the service being created. Make sure the customer understands that your mutual encounter is important to you and that you are present as a part of the whole service process or customer journey. If you are that cool, you’ll have earned the customer’s attention and respect. This is very efficient brand marketing.

Make sure your marketing department is included in the product or service development process from day one.

Virgin Air is a game changer in its field. The airline flies the same planes its competitors do and has to abide by the same airline industry regulations as everyone else. Everything else they’ve rethought from the ground up. Every detail in the physical and digital service process supports the company’s service promise. The way the service presents itself allows the customer to feel like Sir Richard Branson is present. His warm smile makes the customer feel like he cares and offers encouragement throughout the transaction process. The customer walks away feeling good.

Customer’s who’ve developed a fondness for your brand will gladly take on the role of recommender and even seller, as long as you provide them with a channel and tools to do so. By combining analytics and intuition, as well as employing mechanisms that enable recommendations and inbound marketing, we can make one of the greatest myths of our time a reality: a product that sells itself.

It’s human growth hacking.

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